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How to Get Your Music on Spotify and Reach Millions of Fans

Jul 11, 2024 |   digital music distribution

Release your music on Spotify has never been that easy. You can now reach millions of listeners all over the world at zero cost when you distribute your music to Spotify through GalleryVision. Here is a portion of how you can distribute your music to Spotify and begin profiting today.

SetUp Your Gallery Vision Account

Start by creating a free account on GalleryVision. Their sign-up process is pretty straightforward and will only take less than a few minutes of your time. The moment that you have successfully signed up for an account, upload your music, artwork, and track info. In this process, you will be teaching Spotify where to put your songs.

Check In Process

On uploading your music, GalleryVision offers a free music review. Our team will go through your assets and check that they fall within Spotify’s standards of quality. Of course, all this is for your music to have the best chance of presentation before a potential audience. Once approved, your music is ready for release.

Release Your Music on Spotify

Once your music is approved, leave the rest to GalleryVision to take over. We will then distribute your music onto Spotify and other key streaming platforms worldwide. This will enable your songs to reach millions of probable fans that are searching for new music.

Get Paid

One major marketing benefit of GalleryVision is that you do not lose one dime of your earnings. By the time your music hits Spotify and all the rest, you’ll already be earning cash from streams. Nowhere in GalleryVision do they take cuts from your earnings, so you get to enjoy the result of your hard work and creativity.

Why launch your music on Spotify?

Spotify is the largest music-streaming platform in the world, holding millions of users from every corner of the earth. Therefore, putting your music on Spotify instantly boosts your visibility to new listeners and creates an opportunity for your music to have a foothold to earn a loyal fan base. Moreover, algorithms driving the platform can place your music before the targeted audience that is looking for your brand of music, hence giving you the upper hand against other competitors in the music industry.

Benefits of Using GalleryVision

Free Platform: Unlike most of the distribution services, GalleryVision doesn’t take anything from your upload or releasing charge for your music.
intensive Screening: We weed out your music to make it meet the standards of the industry and increase your chances of success on Spotify.
Global Distribution: Your music gets placed on Spotify and all other big streaming services, giving you huge reach.
Full Earnings: Keep 100% of earnings and maximize your profit on streams and downloads.

Get your music to Spotify with GalleryVision—the easiest way to release your music into the world for no cost starting out. Our free account setup, in-depth review process, and full earning retention let you have all of the tools necessary to succeed in the music business. Get started now and discover just how easy it is to get your music up and streaming on Spotify and all major music platforms worldwide.

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