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How Digital Music Distribution Changed the Game

Jun 11, 2024 |   sell your music

In the past, the music industry was dominated by physical record sales and distribution. Artists and record labels relied on CDs, vinyl records, and cassettes to get their music out to the world. But with the rise of the internet and digital technology, the way music is distributed has undergone a revolutionary transformation.

A Revolution in How We Hear Music

Digital distribution of music has changed the game for artists and record labels alike. Instead of waiting for the physical copies of their music to be manufactured and distributed, now artists can upload their songs to online platforms and have them available for fans to stream or download instantly. This has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for growing independent musicians, allowing them to reach a global audience with just the click of a button. 

The Power of Streaming

At Gallery Vision, we understand the power and potential of digital music distribution. Our platform provides artists with the tools and resources they need to distribute their music to all major online music stores and streaming services. We help them to know more about the music industry and reach new heights in their careers.

 The growth of streaming services is one of the key ways in which music has been distributed over recent years. The way we listen to music has been totally revolutionized by platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal, making it easy for listeners to find new artists and tracks. Streaming services are providing artists with a huge possible audience, which makes them an integral part of any Digital Distribution Strategy as there are millions of users around the world.

Building Relationships Online

 In order to ensure that its music is available on all major platforms and best placed for maximum exposure, as one of the finest digital music distribution companies, Gallery Vision provides artists with access to a complex world of streaming services. The rise of social media and internet marketing is another way in which the distribution of music digitally has developed. Through platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, artists are now able to connect directly with their fans, sharing updates, music videos, behind the scenes and glimpses of their creative process.


 In recent years, digital music distribution has transformed the music industry and provided artists with a ton of opportunities to reach a global audience as well as their fans in ways they have never thought possible.  As we are the best music distribution for labels, Gallery Vision is proud to be at the forefront of this revolution. We work tirelessly, helping artists to find the digital landscape and distribute their music to all major online platforms. Whether you are an experienced professional or an upcoming artist, Gallery Vision is here to make your art seen and heard world wide. 

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